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BlackShades GOLD Pack

Actual Price: 200 EUR


Save: 50 EUR

Blackshades NET/Remote Controller (R.A.T),Blackshades Stealth,1 year access to VPN,Lifetime access to our Crypter (100% always FUD)

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"Remote Administration at its' finest."

BlackShades FULL Pack

Actual Price: 400 EUR


Save: 150 EUR

Blackshades NET/Remote Controller (R.A.T), Blackshades Stealth, Blackshades Crypter - Lifetime! (100% always FUD), Blackshades VPN - 1 Year access! Makes your Internet 100% safe and opens all ports on your computer, no matter what!, Blackshades Commander, Blackshades Fusion, Blackshades Recovery - Platinum Edition, Blackshades HTTP Controller - All modules included!

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Recent News

Mar 25

VPN Maintenance & Other News

Dear Blackshades users,

Blackshades VPN is currently having some maintenance and that's why you are unable to browse the internet while connected to it.
We are currently working on some improvements which will be added soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience. All VPN customers will receive a compensation.

In other news:
Blackshades will still be up, even when it's removed from a single forum due to unclear reasons given.
You do not need to worry about Blackshades closing down as we have been up for more than 5 years.

We are working on some updates and will announce them soon.

-Blackshades Team

Feb 14

Blackshades Protector (Web-based) Update

Dear Blackshades members,

We have recently updated our web-based version of Blackshades Protector.
This means your file will be fully undetectable from any third party software.

Also, Happy Valentine's day!

Blackshades Team

Feb 01

Blackshades Protector V2 Release

Dear Blackshades members,

Blackshades Protector V2 is our new redesigned fully undetectable crypter.
Unlike Blackshades Protector, this is not web-based but software based. This will allow you way more features than our previous version.
Blackshades Protector V2 has its stubs coded in C++, this means no dependencies and low stub-size!
You can check out Blackshades Protector V2 via here:

If you have any questions or concerns about Protector V2, please submit a ticket.

Blackshades Team

Jan 30

VPN Update

Dear valued customers,

Blackshades VPN is available again and ready to use. Check it's server status via
Please activate your account via
All existing VPN customers will receive 1 week free of VPN upon login.

Enjoy & kind regards,
Blackshades Team

Dec 31

Happy New Year

Dear Valued Customers,

The Blackshades Team wishes you much joy, happiness and remote control in 2014.
We look very forward to this year as it will be an important year for us with many product updates and changes.

Kind regards,
Blackshades Team