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Remote Administration

BlackShades NET (VPN Included!)

Blackshades NET has for several years been considered as simply the best RAT (Remote Administration Tool) on the market.
Its main purpose is to allow users to easily control clients from around the world.

Feature 2

BlackShades Stealth

The first RAT client to be coded in Java while the bin is C.
Blackshades Stealth is extremely fast & secure. All of your traffic data is encrypted with AES.
You can pull up the server's screen, webcam and audio on the fly.

Feature 3

BlackShades HTTP Remote Controller

BlackShades Remote Controller allows you to control clients through an web-interface.

Feature 4

BlackShades Commander

Blackshades Commander is based on a completely new technology.
We've put lots of focus on stability and usability.
It has never been so easy to control your clients.

Feature 1

BlackShades Fusion

Blackshades Fusion is a pretty new product from the Blackshades Suit.
We got the best features of our password recovery and the best features of our RAT.
We've combined them to make Blackshades Fusion.
You'll get the best of both worlds.